Business Disputes

Business Disputes

The Law Offices of Evan A. Hughes represents small business owners in business disputes with individuals and other businesses. Mr. Hughes is a trial lawyer and litigator. He has tried dozens of cases to verdict in front of juries, judges and arbitration panels. While a great deal of the firm’s work involves the litigation of injury related claims, Mr. Hughes has litigated numerous commercial disputes on behalf of small and medium size businesses, both as plaintiffs and defendants.

Mr. Hughes has represented business sellers in litigation relating to the sale of businesses, commercial landlords in lease disputes with commercial tenants, commercial aircraft owners in a dispute with their insurer over indemnification for a total loss of an aircraft and mortgagors in claims relating to fraudulent mortgage financing schemes

The general principles of successful litigation are the same whether the subject matter involves injury, breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference, defamation, claims under the Uniform Commercial Code and most other legal theories. Success depends on intense preparation and solid discovery practices. The case is generally won in discovery. If settlement cannot be achieved following the discovery process, Evan Hughes has twenty years of experience successfully trying cases.

As a small business owner himself, Mr. Hughes understands how legal fees can be a tremendous burden on small businesses. Nothing is more frustrating for a business owner than to see legal expenses go out the door with no good sense that a positive outcome is at the end of the tunnel. While a positive outcome can never be guaranteed in any litigation, the Law Offices of Evan Hughes provides competent representation at a fair price.

Invoicing is detailed and time is broken down into the smallest possible increments. In certain cases, the firm may consider alternative attorney fee strategies, such as contingent fees, flat fees or a combination thereof.

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