Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Holding Companies Accountable for Work Site Injuries and Deaths

Most accidents on construction sites are the result of negligence with respect to the condition of the job site or with respect to the manner in which the work is performed. Therefore, most of these accidents could be avoided, and the persons/entities in charge should be held accountable for the harms and losses caused by their negligence.

A person injured as a result of construction negligence is entitled to recover damages for his or her medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability or the inability to pursue the pleasurable aspects of life such as sports and hobbies.

If a worker is killed as a result of construction negligence, his or her next of kin is entitled to recover for their lost means of support, lost society and companionship and for the grief and sorrow they experienced as a result of the death of their loved one.

The Most Dangerous Work in the World

The construction trades have been and continue to be vital to the advancement of our society and civilization. Without the ongoing contributions of skilled and hardworking tradesmen and women, even the most creative and fanciful ideas and designs of architects and engineers would remain just that, “ideas and designs.” But when the people in charge fail to ensure a safe work site, accidents happen and these hardworking men and women end up with debilitating injuries that can impair them for life. Even more tragic, these accidents all too often result in death – death that could have been avoided.

Construction work is among the most dangerous work in the world. More people suffer disabling injuries or are killed while working on construction projects every year than while engaged in any other occupation or profession. Hazards are everywhere on construction sites. Some cannot be avoided because they are inherent to the building process, but many hazards should never be allowed to exist on job sites. These avoidable hazards come in many forms including:

  • Improper hoisting methods or equipment
  • Improperly erected scaffolding
  • Inadequate scaffolding
  • Improper rigging
  • Failure to secure ladders
  • Inadequate or absent barricading of floor openings
  • Unmarked or unbarricaded stub ups
  • Unsafe means of ingress or egress
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Unsafe construction methods or techniques
  • Negligent operation of construction tools or machinery.
  • Failure to follow proper confined space work procedures
  • Failure to adequately shore excavations
  • Improperly constructed temporary stairs
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Exposure to silica dust
  • Failure to provide fall protection
  • Working during unsafe weather conditions
  • Explosions

These are but a small sampling of avoidable hazards that cause injury or deaths on a job site.

The Leading Cause of Construction Site Injuries and Death: Lack of Safety

Every accident is unique, but in 20 years of litigating construction accident cases, I have seen one common theme arise time and time again; failure of those in charge to develop and enforce job specific safety rules. In many cases, owners, construction managers and general contractors simply fail to enforce the most basic standard safety rules and allow their workers or subcontractors to use unsafe equipment or dangerous means and methods of construction. In many cases, general contractors allow unsafe conditions to remain on job sites for unreasonable periods of time.

Put Our Extensive Experience in Construction and Litigation to Work for You

Over the years, I have handled cases involving all of the hazards described above and more. Cases involving construction site accidents are one of my specialties and have handled these types of cases my entire legal career. While in college, I worked as a heavy construction laborer and as a carpenter for a home builder every summer. These experiences gave me good understanding of the manner in which construction jobs operate and progress. I understand the means and methods of most construction techniques and procedures, and I easily learn those with which I am not immediately familiar.

My background is extremely helpful in litigating construction accident cases, especially when deposing the defendants’ supervisors, employees and expert witnesses. Nevertheless, as in all product liability cases, it is essential for the attorney representing the injured person to engage the services of a qualified construction safety expert early on in the process to assist in developing the case for trial.

If a construction site accident resulted in injury or death to you or a loved one, contact the Law Offices of Evan A. Hughes so we can conduct a prompt investigation into the cause of the accident and determine whether there is merit to a claim for construction negligence. Call us today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation: (312) 236-7650.

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