Product Liability

Product Liability

When Injured by a Defective Product You Do Have Recourse

If you’ve been injured by a product that was being used the way it was intended, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages you suffered — regardless of whether you or someone else was using the product. Damages awarded in a product liability lawsuit can be used to pay your medical expenses, compensate you for lost income and help mitigate the pain and suffering you experienced.

As a personal injury attorney, I have extensive experience litigating product liability cases and winning awards for harms and losses that make a significant difference in the lives of our clients. Call me today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation: (312) 236-7650.

A product liability case arises when a person is injured as a result of a “defect” in a product. Every year thousands of people are injured or killed as a result of accidents caused by products that are defective due to problems with their design or the way in which they were manufactured. A product is also considered defective if it does not come with adequate warnings or instructions.

Product liability cases succeed at trial when a jury considers the evidence and determines that the product responsible for the injury, was “unreasonably dangerous” when it left the control of the manufacturer and/or distributor. These jury verdicts are the most effective way to put manufacturers and distributors on notice that we, as a society, will hold them to their legal duty to only bring safe products to the marketplace.

Some of the Product Liability cases we have handled involved the following types of products:

  • Print Presses
  • Envelope Presses
  • Punch Presses
  • Press Brakes
  • Lift Straps
  • Boom Trucks
  • Automobiles
  • Motocycles
  • Motorcycle Helmets
  • Antidepressants
  • Elevators
  • Mechanical Dock Plates
  • Lawnmowers
  • Lawn Tractors
  • Chop Saws
  • Jet Skis
  • Angle Grinders
  • Slitters
  • Glazing
  • File Cabinets
  • Bassinets

Product liability cases require a tremendous amount of legal work and a substantial outlay of expenses by the attorney representing the injured person. The circumstances of the accident must be investigated promptly, and qualified expert consultants should be employed early in the process to determine whether there is merit to a potential lawsuit.

It is unwise to file a lawsuit alleging that a product is defective without first consulting with an expert in the field to confirm — to the extent possible without the benefit of formal discovery — that a defect in the product was indeed the cause of the injury or death.

If an accident involving a product resulted in injury or death to you or a loved one, it is very important that you contact an attorney who is experienced in handling product liability cases. Prompt action is essential to ensure the preservation of evidence and to increase the likelihood of a successful result.

At the Law Offices of Evan A. Hughes, we have over 20 years’ experience in litigating product liability cases and achieving significant awards for our clients. Please visit our representative Cases page to see examples of what we’ve accomplished for our clients.

Do you think you have a product liability case that needs the attention of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney? Call me today for a free, no-obligation initial consultation: (312) 236-7650.

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